2024 Business Woman of the Year Bilita “Bili” Mattes

Bilita "Bili" Mattes

Dr. Bili Mattes, Executive Director of STEM-UP Network, has demonstrated exceptional leadership of STEM-UP Network for the past 12 years. Dr. Mattes has exemplified clear leadership, and personal accountability, and delivered remarkable results within her role at STEM-UP Network. Beyond her professional responsibilities, Dr. Mattes has actively engaged in community leadership roles, demonstrating a deep commitment to making a difference beyond the workplace. Dr. Mattes has dedicated herself to personal leadership by actively mentoring and coaching other women. She has been instrumental in influencing and encouraging the career development and advancement of women staff within Harrisburg University and several other organizations. Furthermore, her volunteer work with women’s organizations reflects her commitment to the advancement of women in STEM.

Dr. Bili Mattes embodies exceptional leadership qualities across all facets of her life. Her contributions have not only elevated the STEM-UP Network but have also made a lasting impact on the broader community and the advancement of women. She is truly deserving of recognition for her outstanding leadership achievements.