2022 Keynote Speaker

Karen McCullough

The 2022 Keynote Speaker: Karen McCullough

Karen McCullough an award-winning keynote speaker who inspires and empowers organizations and individuals to evolve, grow, and realize their true potential for excellence. Her speaking topics range from Change, Generations, and Engagement, and since the pandemic, is on a mission to re-energize the workforce. Would you like to know the secrets of staying energized? If so, Karen McCullough is here to help! She has been dubbed “a shot of energy,” and she walks her talk! She loves sharing share her personal energy rituals and top ways to increase your energy and your productivity. It’s time to re-charge your battery, energize others, and have some fun along the way.

Time to Recharge!


Join Karen and get a shot of energy as she shares practical yet powerful, researched-based strategies to increase your energy and diminish your stress. Learn how to recharge your battery and energize others. In this program, you will discover that managing your energy and not your time is the key to better performance and a more fulfilled life.


  • Identifying your 4 sources of personal energy
  • Creating positive rituals that renew your energy
  • Gaining more profound insights into self-awareness
  • Learning from Harvard research on how to achieve happiness and increase your productivity

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We’re excited to see you there May 17, 2023!

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