2022 Breakout Session Speakers

Session 1 – 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Women Having Courageous ConversationsTina Nixon

One way to promote a culture that embraces diversity, equity and inclusion is by having inclusive conversations. There are many times we don’t know what to say or we don’t say anything for fear of saying the wrong thing and that makes it difficult to build trusted relationships in and outside of the workplace. Learns some tips and techniques on how to facilitate courageous conversations.

T. Nixon

The Role of Customer Service in Social Media and How It Has ChangedMary Pratt-Lauchel

The social media landscape has changed drastically over the last year as well as how businesses, both small and large, are using customer service to both retain their current customers and create new ones completing the customer cycle. Businesses understand that building relationships with their customers via social media is an essential element of their brand’s success. The easy accessibility of social media platforms plays a significant role in customer allowing customers easy accessibility directly to your business. Knowing how to handle both good and bad social situations is key in growing your business as well as ensuring you are not a victim of “cancel” culture. This presentation will dive into the main two social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram, to discuss how to handle customer complaints, customer engagement and how to find your perfect customer. It will also touch on organic and paid ad content discussing how both interact with your brands customer service approach.

M. Pratt-Lauchle

The How, Why and Surprising Benefits of Setting Effective BoundariesJanice Snyder & Danielle Guinter

Do competing priorities, balancing work and home life, or excessive commitments have you feeling overwhelmed? Are you stressed by what (and how much) is expected of you? If you struggle with saying NO, if decision fatigue is a real issue in your life, or if you want to regain some equilibrium, this might be the discussion for you. Janice and Danielle are successful professionals who will share how developing and setting effective boundaries has enabled them to successfully negotiate the challenge of careers, community leadership, motherhood, and more. This group discussion will leverage their unique experiences, successes, and even failures to help you develop and set effective boundaries in practical, actionable ways to reprioritize and simplify your life.

Session 2 – 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

A Woman’s Guide to Salary NegotiationMarissa Bankert

Want to learn how to create your career arch, find value for your hard work, and learn how to negotiate your salary too? We thought so! Plan to join Marissa Bankert as she walks through a clear set of action items that will help you in salary negotiation, but more so in thinking about how you value yourself in your industry! Plan to learn how to prepare for a salary discussion, what language your leadership is speaking, habits to practice, how to ask, and what you can do if you don’t get what you thought.

M. Bankert

Mental Health Warning Signs & First Aid: How To Identify BurnoutMelissa M. Brown, Psy.D. – UPMC, Lindsay Dolan, LCSW – UPMC, Candace Rutherford, LCSW,LCSW-C,CCTP – WellSpan, Michael Diller, PsyD – WellSpan, and Jennifer R. Sarff, MBA – Penn State Health

Burnout? Mental Health. It’s something that seems to be in the news a lot lately. What are some of the warning signs that you should look out for? And what are some things you can do to combat both mental fatigue and burnout? Register for this insightful session with local mental health experts from UPMC and WellSpan. The expert panel will discuss the warning signs, as well as positive steps to take to help you improve your mental health.

Three Leadership Behaviors That Will Increase Your DEI EffectivenessMonica Gould

Our nation is buzzing with acronyms around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). While this awareness might be new to some, the concepts and principles of DEI are not. In this workshop, Monica will explore the importance of a leader’s role in promoting, fostering, and modeling inclusive behaviors. Learn from a seasoned DEI professional what your role is as a leader in fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.

M. Gould

Session 3 – 2:40 PM – 3:40 PM

From Kaleidoscope to Laser: The Power of FocusDr. Tracey C. Jones

Are you feeling exhausted—like a hamster on a wheel that keeps chasing after the next big thing? Do you run here and there depending on what podcast you listen to or conference you attend? Or have you become such a jack or jane of all trades that you are unclear about what you provide to reduce friction in your customers’ lives? If you are all thrust and no vector, you will feel, and be, bone-weary and out of gas. The more niche you go, the more you grow. Just like a laser, your creative energy is most potent when everything in life orients to one narrow, singular, and brilliant goal. This session will intensely focus you, stopping distractive detours so you can follow your tremendous trajectory. Learn how to abandon the things that are not tightly oriented to your vision.

T. Jones

Let’s Talk Prospecting: From Frustration to FunDeb Ellenberg

We can’t do or deliver what we do unless we sell. And we can’t sell unless we prospect. So, what holds us back? We’ll identify the three challenge areas and the impacts of each in relation to prospecting. A simple 5-step process for effective prospecting will be discussed along with tips for shifting the perspective from something we have to do to something we want to do.

D. Ellenberg

Identity Theft: What You Need To KnowBeth McKinley

Vigilant awareness is the best line of defense against identity theft, but that’s easier said than done. Predatory scams are deliberately designed to manipulate emotions, express urgency, inspire fear or to shame you into becoming an unwitting accomplice. Data breaches are the fastest-growing segment of identity theft. But there are others you may not even consider. During this session attendees will learn how identity theft occurs and the ways to help protect themselves; the types of scams that prey on current events, such as the Coronavirus; and the steps to take if you find yourself a victim of identity theft, including providing helpful resources to keep handy.

B. McKinley


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