Breakout Sessions

BWF attendees can attend a maximum of three breakout sessions, one session per time slot. You can choose your breakout sessions when you register for the event.

Break Session Sponsor:

Breakout Session 1

Strong Cultural Communications that Build Real Buy-In

Mandy Arnold

President/CEO, Gavin

Learn how to create a self-motivated culture that is organic in nature through your business’ core values and employee communications. Mandy Arnold will identify key markers for success in terms of culture building and advancing a natural environment that motivates employees to buy-in to the vision, mission and culture through effective communications leadership. Leverage core values to confront cultural challenges, leverage points of differentiation and provide female leaders a platform for steadfast stewardship of the company’s goals in a business era when females are redefining leadership positions.

Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone

MaryBeth Staub

Trainer, Sandler Training

What are comfort zones and how do we get into them? How do they affect our performance? MaryBeth Staub, Trainer at Sandler Training, will review comfort zones, how to expand them to create new normals, and leave you with a five-step process you can use to achieve higher results in your life.

How to Excel in a Nonprofit Board Room

Katie Zimmerman, Tammy McCrae, Aaysha Noor, & Miriam DeFehr

Joining a board of directors for a non-profit can be a full-filling and rewarding experience – both personally and professionally. Yet, what does it take to be a successful board member? This panel discussion will explore the benefits of nonprofit volunteering, the characteristics of a valued board member and how to take the fear out of fundraising – a challenging but rewarding volunteer task. Participants in this session will walk away with an understanding of how to be a successful board member for any nonprofit organization.

Breakout Session 2

Be the Face of Diversity and Inclusion in your Organization

Shubhra Kumar-Bradley, MD

Associate Chief Medical Officer, Geisinger Holy Spirit Hospital

This presentation by Dr. Shubhra Kumar-Bradley will focus on research validating that a diverse leadership team and employee base result in enhanced business outcomes. To maximize the benefits of a diverse team, it’s imperative to have an inclusive environment within an organization. Unconscious bias may hinder some companies from creating effective policies regarding diversity/inclusion. She will share her personal story of individuals who recognized the value of her diverse background and experiences. This has driven her to implement strategies for recruiting diverse physician groups, creating a culture of inclusion and supporting professional growth. Through this effort, their physician retention, quality and performance outcomes have significantly improved.

Communication for Success: Watch Your Language

Hiyam Wakeem

Focal Point Business Coaching of Central PA

This interactive session will help raise awareness for the power of communication success in any business. Hiyam will review a high-level understanding of silent language and communication styles, how to identify the communication styles of others, and how to adapt your communication style to be heard.

Climbing Your Way to Success

Deb Ellenberg

Vice President, Business Development, Sandler Training

The climb to achieve our goals often feels massive. In this session, Deb will address key elements of the ‘climb’ starting with the 1st step, identifying roadblocks to success, and onto redefining how we think about successful. Attendees will walk away with an established plan for how to achieve their goals.

Breakout Session 3


Kathy Snavely

Owner, Kathy’s Cuisine & Lightkeeper Consulting

Everything we consume effects how we feel – and those consequences can vary widely from person-to-person. Allergies, gluten, vegan, paleo, keto, sugar are considerations for some – but there are foods that most of us can consume that make us feel better, have the potential to keep us healthier, combat disease and live longer, stronger – and be more productive. (And who doesn’t want that?) This presentation will highlight foods that are health enhancers and killers, so you can make the best choices for your life!

The Seven Deadly Sins of Business Behavior

Christina Butler

Associate, The Professional Edge, Inc.

Manners matter in business. These 7 Deadly Sins – from (forgotten) follow-up, to down and out dress can derail your career. This session will cover how to properly identify when, how, and what to do to create a great first impression (including crafting an effective ten second pitch, networking, handshakes), how to successfully follow up after meeting potential contacts through professional networking or social groups and how to identify the most critical etiquette mistakes in business today and then avoid making them!

Create a Mentoring Culture: Lessons from the Helix Team

Ivy Buchan & Katie Crane

Helix Strategies

Create A Mentoring Culture is a presentation with two teammates sharing lessons learned while working and growing together. Ivy, in a leadership role, will address the challenges of creating learning opportunities and motivating staff. Katie, in a support role, will address the challenges of taking advantages of growth opportunities and assessing career goals. This presentation will go beyond basic boss-employee communication. Ivy and Katie will use their real-life interactions to illustrate how to create a mentoring culture while growing a business and maintaining quality services.